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sophro-analyst of prenatal, birth and childhood memories

Virginie d’Avezac

A professional musician, it is my desire to go further into my music interpretation that led me in the first place to Sophro-analysis.

I have always looked for a way to associate the benefits of music and a therapy that could harmonize the body and the mind. After resuming studies in Psychology at the university of Paris VIII, I sought a more practical technique in which different theoretical currents could merge.

As I strived to make improvements to my personal life, I was aware of the need to change my subconscious beliefs about myself and my relationships, and to feel fully responsible for my own emotions and behaviors. This led me to a dynamic therapeutic approach aimed at autonomy: the sophro-analysis of the prenatal, birth and childhood memories.

By reaching a higher self-presence, I was finally able to take full control of my own life, and my relationships with other became more balanced and fair. Sophro-analysis has deeply changed my philosophy of life, providing  me with new sustainable skills that accompany me in my every day life. There is a clear before and after regarding my therapy.

It has been a real passion for me to share this powerful experience with others. I am always grateful to guide my clients towards their own enlightenment and to be a witness of their empowerment. Thanks to my double profession, I have had the great chance to accompany many different types of artists on their path to fully opening up their expressive skills . For the past seven years, I have been researching a common path between my two passions and  have been consistently improving upon my skills as a musician and sharing them with my students or colleagues.

Following my training in Sophro-analysis with Christine Louveau, the founder of the technique, I defended my thesis and received the diploma in Sophro-analysis  I have seen clients in my private practice since 2012.


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