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In Sophro-analysis, one of the main goals is to gain autonomy, to become the principal actor of our lives, to find our way out of the position of the victim and to be able to take responsibility for our own well-being.

We all have a potential of resources that we can fully put to use. If we allow ourselves to let go of certain limiting beliefs such as “I don’t deserve to succeed, to be loved”… we can change our behaviors, or the way we see the world around us.

The therapist embraces each client as a person already in a process of healing, always adjusting their guidance to the client’s unique personal history. It’s the client’s higher self consciousness  that knows where to lead them, at the right moment.

It takes about fifteen sessions to feel a real improvement and a sustainable and daily well-being.



A session in Sophro-analysis lasts one hour to one hour and a half . My fees are 130$ per session.

A therapeutic contract will be established during the first session in order for the client to define his or her goals for the therapy. These goals might be re-evaluated midway.

A session always begins with a dialogue between the client and therapist, followed by an induction of relaxation to reach a state advantageous to the emergence of past and subconscious memories. The client will then be able to acknowledge the meaning of those memories and to finally release any limiting beliefs or behaviors tied to them thus transforming them into new and positive energy.

The client always leaves a session with a renewed perception and a positive foundation to build upon.






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