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My private practice is dedicated to adults willing to access a deeper level of self-awareness and a better understanding of their interactions with the surrounding world.

Should we wait to be ill to be willing to feel better in our lives?

Sophro-analysis will guide you through a process of letting go. You will learn how to rebalance emotions, beliefs and behaviors that have been an obstruction in your life.

– self-depreciation, jealousy, distress, stress: Feelings like “I will never make it”, “others are better than me”, “I’m not good enough for him/her”, “I never have the time”, “I don’t feel that I have my place”…

– guilt, sorrow, despair: “It’s my fault if he/she’s unhappy”, “I’m useless, meaningless”, “I feel alone, neglected,forgotten”, “nobody loves me”

– feelings of unfairness, powerlessness, anger, fear: “life is unfair”, “I’m a victim of everything that I’m subjected to”, “I always feel misunderstood”, “life and others are dangerous”, “I can’t trust anyone”…

Sophro-analysis can also help you with more specific issues such as, non biological infertility, addictions, OCD and phobias.

Sophro-analysis cannot be a replacement for a medication provided by your doctor.



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